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One Button Temple
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About One Button Temple

One Button Temple takes you to relatively familiar moving tasks. As a leader of a band of robbers, you need to go to the destination of the temple to find the treasure.

The mysterious temple in One Button Temple unblocked exists a lot of high-value treasures. Accompanied by a diverse system of obstacles ready to destroy anyone if you move carelessly. But believe me, the bigger the difficulty, the more valuable the results you get, try to overcome the whole challenge.

One Button Temple is a Fun Strategy Game
One Button Temple is a Fun Strategy Game

Your task is simply left click to adjust the jump force of the main character. At each stage, you will see the location of different obstacles. They have a certain distance, so this is where you need to adjust the jump force to help the character land safely after each jump.

Gradually, the challenges in this platformer game will become harder over time. The evidence is that there are more traps and dangerous creatures appearing on the map with different operating mechanisms. Like action games, you will have to go through all 50 levels with as few mistakes as possible to discover the content of the game.

The quality of graphics and sound in the game also made us feel attracted from the first time. You will quickly notice the ancient temple with ancient architecture appearing on the screen. Besides, the lively sound element will make the adventure much more interesting.

Play One Button Temple free online, you will have to accompany the main character to complete the challenge. Although it is a game with a simple operation, you will encounter a lot of difficulties and take a long time to win. This game is currently free on the web browser, so you can play it anytime you like.

How To Play One Button Temple

Touch and hold the left mouse button to adjust the jump force for the main character

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