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Penguin Jump Multiplication
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About Penguin Jump Multiplication

Penguin Jump Multiplication offers an arctic penguin competition. In the game, you have to help your penguin move safely on the ice until it reaches the finish line.

If the math mechanism in the form of summation has bored you, then try Penguin Jump Multiplication unblocked right away. This is one of the animal math games for kids that received a lot of love from players. The rules of the game are still the same, but you will do the multiplication.

The annual competition between penguins in the Arctic continues to take place as scheduled. You will become one of four penguins on the track and compete for the need to become the winner. Mastering the penguin, jumping over ice, and overtaking opponents is your only mission in this game.

Play Penguin Jump Multiplication online for free, you’ll do multiplications to choose the most suitable ice. Calculations will constantly appear, you need to calculate quickly and accurately to jump into the right iceberg. If you miscalculate, the penguin will fall into the water, and it will take you a while to start over.

Like most other Animal Math games for kids, you need to do the math continuously until you reach the finish line safely. We believe that anyone will experience difficulty or miscalculation in some operations. But do not worry too much, you just need to stay focused to increase the winning rate.

Are you ready for exciting math competitions in Penguin Jump Multiplication? Join this game to compete with other players and become the first penguin to reach the finish line. In addition, the control is very simple, you just need to touch the most suitable ice to help the penguin move.

How To Play Penguin Jump Multiplication

Help the penguin move through the ice by using the left mouse button

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