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CS Portable
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About CS Portable

Welcome you to the FPS Games world! Now, are you ready to jump into a new slashing battle named CS Portable, which is known as the best MMOFPS Games for all players nowadays. CS Portable is based on unity graphics, and it allows you to enter the battle with a lot of game types including classic, team deathmatch, zombie survival, bot match and many unique maps. You can also choose one player or multi player if you want. You have to shoot your enemies down and try to become the last survivor in the finish. No more wasting your time. Check out for the CS Portable, and you will find undiscovered things in it. Enjoy now!

How To Play CS Portable

Use key W, A, S, D for the movement, click the mouse to aim and shoot, hit key R to reload the weapon. Hit spacebar to jump, key E to chat, key M to select team, number key 5 to select bomb. Use the mouse scroll to select gun, hold left mouse button to plant a bomb, the tap key E to detonate a bomb.

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