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Dress Up Bean
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About Dress Up Bean

The fashion contest in Dress Up Bean is ready to take place with the participation of many famous designers. Join this game to prove your talent in choosing clothes now.

Initially, you will choose between a male character or a female character to start choosing the fashion style in the Dress Up Bean game. Each gender will have completely different designs and customizations to give you the freedom to choose as you like. Of course, you can also switch between male or female characters while playing.

Dress Up Bean free online gives you a lot of options, not only costumes but also many other elements. Let’s start with choosing the right eye style, eyebrow line, lip style to make up for rosy cheeks. After completing the makeup step, you will begin to choose your outfit from the dozens of options available.

In terms of costumes, this game is divided into many different categories for you to be more creative. Typically, choosing a shirt model, style of pants, jacket, skirt, socks, and shoes to help the character stand out. Besides, do not forget to choose the accessories that come with your own preferences.

After successfully customizing in HTML5 game online, you will participate in a fashion competition with other competitors. To win, you need to create a personalized, beautiful outfit that matches the judging criteria of the judges. Can you score more points and win the beauty contest in the game?

Join Dress Up Bean unblocked with friends around to assert your design talent. We believe that you will have unforgettable moments of entertainment when choosing costumes for the main characters in the game. Overall, this game has a lot of choices and is ready to meet all your needs.

How To Play Dress Up Bean

Create your own fashion style by clicking on available icons

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