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About Hedgies

Hedgies is a free farming game online setting in a small garden. Not only that, you will start as a small Hedgy. And now, you have to grow the place and expand it.

Hedgies is an online html5 game about farming the Hedgies’ Valley

From the land that you receive when you agree to engage in Hedgies game online, you’re able to use that location to plant fruits with vegetables. However, farming is not the only mission.

Come to play Hedgies game free online and finish every quest

Accordingly, it’s also important for players of Hedgies html5 unblocked to check out newer recipes. In addition to that, they need to meet friends in the neighborhood and even help them solve some problems. Besides, you can take part in fishing activities and parties.

Moreover, don’t forget to create feasts if you play Hedgies online on browsers! So, you can invite buddies who are Hedgies as well. Furthermore, it’s possible for you to perform your own abilities when you turn into a tailor.

Hedgies APK download is ready to give you another enchanting life in a fun world. Meanwhile, try to fulfill tasks from friends!

How To Play Hedgies

Use Left-click to move your character.

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