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Koala Karts Counting
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About Koala Karts Counting

Koala Karts Counting is a fun math-style development game with a racing element. You will perform races and try to overcome other opponents by counting fast and accurately.

By joining the game, you will discover endless car races through the main character, a cute Koala. Your opponents in this animal free online game are also other koalas with super driving abilities. However, you will not show racing skills when playing the game, instead your counting and reflexes skills.

Because it is a game with math elements, Koala Karts Counting for kids requires you to try to count correctly. The screen will appear puzzles related to counting numbers, you need to observe quickly and give answers. Each correct answer will help the car move faster in a short amount of time.

Counting skill is the most important factor to win in this multiplayer math game. Therefore, you need to observe the dots on the screen carefully, giving the answer corresponding to the number of dots. If you answer incorrectly, the car will slow down and also the time when other opponents can pass you easily.

In some cases, answering too quickly will not provide the best accuracy. Therefore, we recommend that you look closely before giving your answer to avoid being slowed down. The result of the race in the game will depend on the first person to control the car to the finish line first.

Play Koala Karts Counting online, you will have the opportunity to compete in math through counting with other players. Besides playing against the machine, you can also try against other opponents around the world. The difficulty will also vary, so the practice continues to increase your acumen.

How To Play Koala Karts Counting

Use the left mouse button to give the answer to each question

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