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Eliza Birthday Planning
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About Eliza Birthday Planning

Eliza Birthday Planning is a game with a simple operation on a web browser. Your task is to help Eliza have a meaningful and fun birthday party by preparing everything.

Have you ever tried to organize a birthday party for yourself or for your friends? So, play Eliza Birthday Planning online now to better understand this work. In the game, you will start to prepare everything for the main character’s birthday party, from designing invitations and more.

In the invitation card design stage, you will be given a lot of different options to create a beautiful card. So, you can start by choosing colors, background frames, adding bows, stickers, and much more. A sincere invitation card will help the invitee feel more interested in the party.

Next, choosing how Eliza dress up is also an essential issue in this game. You can customize the main character’s outfit according to your personal taste. There are many options and you are the one to come up with great combinations.

If you want, choose a pretty dress and a pair of modern shoes to help the main character stand out. Like most other fashion games online, this game offers a wide variety of designs. But all you need to do is simply click on the icon and watch the main character change.

Eliza Birthday Planning unlocked is ready to bring you moments of a great experience. So, this is a great opportunity for you to better understand the process of organizing a memorable birthday party. Therefore, do everything properly, be creative in your own way and make the people around you always enjoy it.

How To Play Eliza Birthday Planning

Use the left mouse button to design everything related to the birthday party

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