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Farm Hidden Objects
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About Farm Hidden Objects

Farm Hidden Objects is a distinctive farming html5 game. It’s not necessary for you to plant fruits or feed cows. But, you will find and click on missing items.

Farm Hidden Objects is one of the most unique html5 games about farming

You are playing a game in which you are not a farmer. Actually, there are five farms and only one of them is available to experience. After choosing that place, you will meet the owner, animals, and everything that relates to the location.

However, your challenge at this time is to seek and gather things. And, you will level up when you complete that. Watch out! You have a few minutes to end your job. Thus, you should try to win soon!

Have fun with Farm Hidden Objects and don’t worry if you get stuck!

Hence, you can escape from difficult cases if you select the Search icon at the bottom of the playfield. In other words, that icon will provide a hint or more.

Let’s conquer the Farm Hidden Objects game online by opening up all 5 farms and collecting every missing piece!

How To Play Farm Hidden Objects

Left-click on the correct item to gather it.

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