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Paparazzi Diva: The Mermaid Princess
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About Paparazzi Diva: The Mermaid Princess

Paparazzi Diva The Mermaid Princess unblocked is in the type of html5 games and you can for free. With beautiful graphics and a good story, you will enjoy it recently.

In this Fashion girl’s games to play online, You will have a chance to dress up for the mermaid princess to come and become a Diva. There are a lot of dresses, outfits for you to choose from and put on your princess. Moreover, you can choose the hairstyle, what they put on their hair and body. Moreover, you also can choose what makeup to put on their faces, such as become an energetic girl. With many things above, you can create as many outfits as you want and turn her into a beautiful diva. It is up to you and let you become a fashion designer and then make her become gorgeous. Now you can play this game freely on Internet so let try it and let expand your creativity with this game.

How To Play Paparazzi Diva: The Mermaid Princess

Use your mousse to choose and play it

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