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Alula 14 September 2022 Gun Games 360
Idle Wall Mining
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About Idle Wall Mining

Idle Wall Mining focuses on the ore mining process of mages. You will have full control over these mages and come up with optimal mining strategies to increase production.

The ores on the wall in this idle game are one of the endless resources that no one has ever exploited. You are a pioneer by hiring talented magicians to exploit and pay them. Your task is simply to hire and upgrade mages continuously to increase the production of automatic ore mining.

Idle Wall Mining unblocked will not require you to do too many operations when playing the game. Instead, simply tap the appropriate icons on the screen to upgrade your mage’s mining skills, hire new mages, and more. All operations will be replaced by simple touches on the screen.

Gradually, your ore mining empire will become more and more developed. This is where you reinvest the profits you make to unlock new skills to help mages mine faster. Besides, this upgrade free online game brings a lot of upgrades, you should read the information carefully before upgrading.

The ore mining speed of the mages shows visually on the screen. You need to rely on these parameters to make reasonable upgrade decisions from time to time. But believe me, you just need to spend a lot of time playing this game to create the largest ore mining empire in the world.

Idle Wall Mining 2D is about familiar ore mining operations without requiring too much action. You simply touch the icons on the screen to upgrade and increase the speed of ore mining. Also, there won’t be any difficulties, let’s focus on the upgrades that appear on the screen.

How To Play Idle Wall Mining

Use the left mouse button to upgrade and increase ore mining output

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