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Alula 23 February 2021 Hacked Games 1277
Commando 2 Hacked
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About Commando 2 Hacked

If you lost your mission on or win with a bad score in Commando 2. Let see that Commando 2 Hacked will be the best support for you in this game. Test it yourself. A mysterious organization tampered your federation, you have to do something and find the truth. Control your soldier by press the arrow keys and click the mouse to attack them. Remember that they are very dangerous, you have to be careful. Play with Y3 Games Hacked to figure out who is behind this spot. If you have any trouble with your game, come to Hacked Games category to solve it.

How To Play Commando 2 Hacked

Hit the left and right key to lean forward or backward. Press up to jump and down to crouch. Use the mouse to attack the enemies. Hacked information: with this version hacked, you can have a lot of lives and health and infinite ammo.

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