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Gun Mayhem Redux Hacked
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About Gun Mayhem Redux Hacked

One of the most interesting hack games that you need to try out is Gun Mayhem Redux Hacked. Joining Gun Mayhem Redux will expand your gaming skills in action games. Once stepping into this game, you would not feel disappointed but enchase more fantastic things. Gun Mayhem Redux also offers you brand new things for instance game characters, various map selections, and 3 game modes. Try to use weapons, defeat all your enemies and become the winner. Does it sound exciting? Check out for the Gun Mayhem Redux hacked now!

How To Play Gun Mayhem Redux Hacked

For the first player, use up arrow keys for movement, use key Z for primary and secondary. For the second player, use key W, S, A, D to move, key T for primary, Y for secondary. For the third player, use np/ to jump, np8 to lay down, np7 to turn left, np8 to turn right, use np for primary, np' for secondary. For the fourth player, use np5 to jump, np8 to down, np1 to turn left, np3 to turn right, np0 for primary, np. for secondary.

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