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Alula 23 February 2021 Hacked Games 411
The Zombielands Hacked
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About The Zombielands Hacked

The Zombielands combines shooting and basketball in a game. The sounds seem strange! Why don’t you try The Zombielands Hacked to get more excited? The zombies are attacking our place. You have to do something to protect it and yourself either. Pick your weapon up and go straight to kill all the terrible zombies. Pay attention to the head of the zombie, which looks like the ball. You can use your bat to destroy it. Please do not worry about the health or ammo when you play this hacked version of Y3 Games. Come to our Hacked Games category to find more supports for your games.

How To Play The Zombielands Hacked

Press the left and right keys to direct, up key to jump. Hit Z button to throw the grenade, X button to shoot or attack, C button to change weapon. Hacked information: infinite health, ammo and grenades for you.

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