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Alula 23 February 2021 Hacked Games 504
Toss The Turtle Hacked
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About Toss The Turtle Hacked

Fly free in hacked games now buddies! Toss the turtle to his dreamy city. Interestingly use cannons, jets and bombs to power up his flight. Try to get as far as you can. You might also change his directions while in the air. Purchase the efficient device mentioned above. But you also need enough money. Earn hence. Each time you try, look out the power charged, when it reaches the maximum, release the mouse, and aim properly to measure the distance might reach. Play y3 games and assist his effort short guys!

How To Play Toss The Turtle Hacked

Press 1 for 1000 money, 2 a mine, 3 a nuke. 4 reload weapon, and 5 retain jet-pack

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