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Wind Revo Hacked
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About Wind Revo Hacked

Do you want to take some air war action? Wind Revo Hacked will allow you to enter the slashing battlefield. You can enjoy the Wind Revo on hacked Y3 Games now. In this game, you have to survive through many tough levels with full of shooting and action. Try to use more powerful weapons to defeat all the opponents. You can also upgrade your airplane and customize it to make it look cooler. Now, no more hesitation, let’s jump into the Wind Revo with more exciting things! Enjoy it!

How To Play Wind Revo Hacked

Use the mouse to fly around and shoot the enemies down. Hit spacebar to shoot missiles. Hack bar: Press key number 1 for toggling HP, number 2 for toggling heat, number 3 for toggling missiles, number 4 for money (0-5000).

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