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Zone of Destruction Hacked
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About Zone of Destruction Hacked

Remember the love story in Zone of Destruction? Now attend to the Zone of Destruction Hacked to have a happy ending. About the story, you know that Doz and Val are felt in love. But one day, Val betrays and steals Doz’s computer. He’s very angry. Now your mission is to lead him find Val, kill her and bring your super computer back. Please do not worry once you play our Hacked Games, we always beside you.

How To Play Zone of Destruction Hacked

Hit arrow keys to move and hit double Z to jump double. Click the mouse to aim and shoot. Press T to restart the level. Hacked keys: Use number 7 for toggle god mode, press 8 to toggle jet pack, 9 to toggle ammo, 0 to get all weapons and G button to win the level.

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