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Dermot 30 May 2023 Hidden Object Games 521
FNF Vs Bob Velseb
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About FNF Vs Bob Velseb

FNF Vs Bob Velseb is a new FNF HTML5 online challenge. In the current mod, you will join another universe and give the boy a hand to complete all songs successfully.

There are two events. In the second one, the rap battle will revolve around Skid. He is going to deal with Fat Thief and Thin Thief by himself. They are persons who are always planning to rob everything from Skid’s house.

Enter the FNF Vs Bob Velseb mod online and finish every battle with the top score. Besides, play FNF mods online available on-site! They are totally free.

How To Play FNF Vs Bob Velseb

Press Arrows on your keyboard to play songs

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