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Dermot 17 May 2021 HTML5 Games 1218
Coronavirus Fight
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About Coronavirus Fight

Coronavirus Fight unblocked is inspired by the pandemic of Covid-19. You will try to defeat that virus to keep you safe by using your shields to stop it.

Coronavirus Fight is an HTML5 game online. You will solo 1 vs 1 with another player. In this game, you will be a doctor who tries to fight against those viruses by shields. The other will try to harm you by getting the virus to expand to your area. These shields to fight against them need time to recover so you need to use them intelligently to defeat them successfully. If you can not defeat them good enough, you will lose and the virus becomes a pandemic. This game is really meaningful because Covid-19 now still appears in many countries. You need to cover yourself and for your family. So why don’t you open this game, use your skill to defeat those cruel viruses?

How To Play Coronavirus Fight

You have to wait for the shield is strong enough to use. Use your mouse move the shield to the road where you can defeat the virus.

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