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Egg Go
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About Egg Go

Egg Go game is an entertaining game with extremely simple gameplay that anyone can play. Because of this, it is known as a kids game. You can play Egg Go unblocked on your browser.

Egg Go is an arcade game with 2D graphics that is easy to understand, in this game, there is a hen laying eggs. This hen lays out three different types of eggs, which are about to hatch, a newly laid egg and a green egg. Below where the chicken lies, there are 3 positions available to let the eggs fall. Your task is to choose the right place where the egg needs to fall. The eggs about to hatch will fall into the chicks and hatch into chicks, the newly laid eggs will fall into the pan and turn into a fried egg, the blue eggs will fall into the other basket. Because the hen lays eggs continuously, you must classify the eggs in a timely and accurate manner, if you make a mistake you will lose. After a loss, you can start playing again. This game is suitable for children because of the simple gameplay. You can play Egg Go free online whenever you want. Now let’s start playing to experience it!

How To Play Egg Go

Touch where you want the egg to fall.

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