About Froggee

Froggee is an arcade game for everyone. This game is a jumping frog control game, you can play this HTML5 multiplayer game on your browser without downloading because it is an unlocked game. Now let's learn more about Froggee. Froggee online has nice and extremely fun 2D graphics. When you start Froggee unblocked game you will have to control your frog forward by jumping up and down. In Froggee's world, there are so many platforms and traps, you have to jump over the traps and safely descend the platforms. If you fall into the traps, you will be destroyed immediately, under the traps, there are very dangerous alligators waiting to snatch your frog. So the timing in Froggee is extremely important, you have to jump at the right time. Use your calculation and dexterity to jump up and down the most accurately. During the jump, you can collect golden stars and catch flies to increase your score. This game has a lot of players, so try to become the player with the highest score to confirm your ability. You can invite your friends to play Froggee game for free at home with your computer or phone. With simple gameplay, everyone can play this game.

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