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Kaboom Swing
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About Kaboom Swing

The physics in Kaboom Swing 2D will make you feel excited from the first time. This is an arcade game where you will have to help the bomb move to its destination safely.

Become the bomb in Kaboom Swing to overcome all challenges

A small bomb is in need of your help to safely overcome the obstacles in front of you. This is the time when you need to show your reflexes to complete all levels. Besides, this game follows physics, so keep calm and take advantage of environmental factors to win.

Do whatever it takes to move to the finish line

Kaboom Swing no flash game gives you skills related to bomb characters. He can use the corresponding skills to be able to safely move to the finish line.

You can roll, explode, avoid spikes or destroy all surrounding obstacles thanks to explosive skills. All must ensure the correct process to be able to win on each game screen.

Diverse obstacle system

The appearance of surrounding obstacles will make you pay more attention to every move. Just hit any obstacle and you will have to start over because there is no break point in this physics game.

Use proper skills in Kaboom Swing unblocked

The character’s bomb blasting skill is very useful in different situations and helps you complete the level quickly. But do not use it indiscriminately, because you are only provided with a certain number of uses of the skill.

When you use up the number of bombs specified in Kaboom Swing unblocked and still do not reach the finish line, you will lose. In general, this HTML5 online game requires a lot of skills to win, you need to be calm and practice in all situations.

How To Play Kaboom Swing

Use the WASD buttons or arrow buttons to control the bomb, hold the Space button to explode.

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