Mahjong 3D

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Mahjong 3D unblocked is a cool 3D Mahjong game with different levels to conquer. You enter a 3D world of Mahjong tiles, and your mission here is to match and eliminate all tiles of the same type in the least amount of time possible. Mahjong 3D game is like other Mahjong games you may have played before, but the different thing in this title is that it allows you to rotate the playing area to find the Mahjong tiles faster. You have to match and remove the tiles following the rules: you match two Mahjong tiles with the same image and make sure both of them have free space, which means they are not obstructed by the other tiles around. Try to rotate the playing field to find more tiles and quickly match them to complete the level. You have to finish all levels in time with a high score to win! Play Mahjong 3D game online for free now!