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The Last Survivors
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About The Last Survivors

The Last Survivors unblocked is the 2-player puzzle game online featuring a lot of challenging levels to conquer. Your chance of testing your puzzle-solving skill is right here. By playing The Last Survivors free game online, you will know how good your skill is and know if you are the best one uncovering all the puzzles.

The game is set in the post-apocalyptic world where two characters: namely the father and the daughter, have to struggle the zombies, obstacles, and deadly traps. All residents in this place have been changed into zombies by a virus. Now, these two characters must try their hardest to survive waves of zombies. But, they cannot do this without your help. The zombies limp around the streets searching for survivors to turn them into zombies or eat them. Make sure you direct the father and the daughter carefully to help them escape away from the zombies. With 20 different levels featured in The Last Survivors free online, each of them is filled with different obstacles, traps, and hungry zombies, you must do your best to solve all the puzzles as you guide your characters through various challenges. The characters have their own different abilities to use to complete each level. The father can break some obstacles as well as defeat zombies, while the daughter is able to go through small spaces as well as throw rocks to distract the zombies. Will they be able to survive all of this? Play the game now! Have fun!

How To Play The Last Survivors

Use WASD to move the daughter and arrow keys to move the daughter.

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