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Cupcake Clicker
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About Cupcake Clicker

Cupcake Clicker is an HTML5 game online about clicking to obtain cupcakes. It is an idle game bringing you a fun experience and challenges your testing skills.

Cupcake Clicker is an entertaining game where you just click to get cupcakes and money

There are many clicker games that you can play online. Cupcake Clicker game online is one of the best titles for you to try. So, you can join it to express your clicking skills and see how fast you can click.

Click to get lots of cupcakes as well as your earnings in Cupcake Clicker

When you play Cupcake Clicker game online, you just simply focus on clicking a cupcake to produce more other nice cupcakes. You have to click until the circle is full then you can produce a cupcake. That is also when you earn some coins.

The more cupcakes you click, the more coins you will get. Besides, as you play, you can enhance your clicking skills. Try your best to produce lots of cupcakes with various nice flavors.

Cupcake Clicker unblocked is great to play even though it is an idle game with a simple gameplay mechanic. You can also play Cupcake Clicker 2 for more fun.

How To Play Cupcake Clicker

Click the cupcake to produce more cupcakes using the left mouse button or A.

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