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Idle Sculpt
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About Idle Sculpt

Idle Sculpt is an idle game with a mouse-clicking gameplay mechanic. You play as a sculptor trying to make sculptures to get passive income and vanquish the levels.

Idle Sculpt 3D free game challenges your mouse-clicking skills

In this HTML5 Ilde game, you have to click the mouse to make various sculptures for income. If a chisel crushes a stone, then you will gain more money. Besides, if you sculpt in a better way, there will be more people admiring your creations.

Use your money to improve your tools for a better performance in Idle Sculpt game

When you earn some money, you can improve your tools such as chisels, chisel speed as well as chisel boost. They also make your performance better. Besides, when you level up, you can use some skill points to be a better sculptor, presenter or you can be an investor.

Idle Sculpt online unblocked also features great customizations like materials, chisel skins, as well as pedestals. Play to explore them!

How To Play Idle Sculpt

Make the boost bar full using the left mouse button.

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