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About unblocked is a tough io game about using your smart strategies to defensive plans to fight off all waves of enemies and a wicked boss. Your skills will be challenged and tested a lot in this zombie io game. You start it off in a small wooden house, and that’s where the waves have begun. You must use either the glock or the baseball ball to fend off the rivals. They are great weapons for the weak waves, but for the tougher waves, you must use guns to dish out more damage to them. The guns will help you slay the enemies with a high HP bar. If you kill one, you will earn a score, which means the more kills you pick up, the higher the score you have. You can use the points on stronger weapons if you want. Think you can fight off all waves of monsters? Play free online now! Much fun!

How To Play

Move your unit using arrow keys or WASD. Click the left mouse to use the items. Use B for weapons and upgrades. Use N to hide your name, and press M to play the background music.

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