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Dermot 14 December 2021 Io Games 370
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About offers online multiplayer competitive arcade gameplay. Here, you will have to try to bring your character to the finish line in the shortest time to win.

Play free online, a big running competition waiting for you to discover with other competitors. In this contest, you don’t have to worry too much about the rules because it’s fair to everyone. The player will continuously control his character to move forward with the aim of becoming the first to finish. It sounds simple, but when you do, the real challenges will appear right on the screen. So, you are only allowed to move in the green or yellow tiles if you want to ensure safety.

There are three levels of tiles that you need to know when experiencing unblocked. It is the green tile that provides absolute safety, the yellow tile that can transform into green or red. And the red tile will explode when the character touches it, which means you will have to start from the beginning. Therefore, please prioritize moving to green tiles, only move to yellow tiles in case of reluctance. Besides, you can also wait for other opponents to move first to review the situation before you start moving. However, everything has two sides between advantages and disadvantages, because if they are lucky, they will reach the finish line before you.

Compared to other battle royale io games on the market, AstroDud io doesn’t have too much competition. You can consider playing games as an effective method of entertainment after stressful working and studying hours. On the contrary, if you want to achieve high, it requires you to keep a high level of concentration plus the element of luck when playing the game.

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Control your character through the terrain with the WASD buttons. Use the E button to push people, Space key to jump, and hover to look around

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