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Dermot 10 February 2022 Io Games 524
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Vast battlefields with the appearance of many players are waiting for you to explore in Don’t miss it if you are looking for a high-paced fighting game.

There are many ways to fight other opponents in unblocked. It can be fighting with familiar weapons such as guns, tanks, even high-damage weapons that have never appeared. Your task is simply with your character and teammates to destroy all opponents in the game to win. It sounds simple, but your opponent always knows how to defend himself and is ready to respond in any form.

Play online, you will choose between more than 20 different weapons to defeat your opponent in the shortest time. Each weapon will have a certain effect in each specific situation, and you can change weapons continuously through the number keys. Choosing the most forehand weapons, or choosing new weapons is also a good choice. Besides, Battledudes io is one of the rare shooter games that allows players to drive to fight. Not only stopping there, but you also have the opportunity to control jeeps and tanks to quickly defeat all opponents.

Everyone in the game has the same level of development and an increase in strength through the built-in level system. That is, you will have new perks when you level up, including health, weapon damage, and many other auxiliary stats. In addition, this game also allows players to freely chat with other teammates around the world. Like other io games online, you just need to right-click to access the chat menu immediately. Do not hesitate to share your personal feelings for them to become more connected in each battle.

How To Play

Use the left mouse button to shoot and move through the WASD buttons Press the R button to reload, E to enter the vehicle, M or Tab to zoom the map and switch weapons with the number keys

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