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About brings players to a large arena where you will have to assert your talent to survive. Not only you but the appearance of other opponents will be very challenged.

Welcome to endless moments of survival with many challenges waiting in bois io unblocked. Join the game, you will start by choosing for yourself a suitable character with a familiar name. Then click the Play button, the system will randomly match the team with other opponents around the world. Start your journey on a life-or-death plane that flies across the vast map with an altitude of up to several thousand meters. Depending on the strategy, the player can jump out of the plane whenever he wants. By jumping down early in this pixel battle royale game, you’ll over your opponents by collecting the necessary gear earlier. A slower jump will help you move to the best places on the map with a better variety of equipment.

When landing, the first task that you need to do is to collect the right equipment and weapons to defend yourself against the enemy. Play Online, the character can carry up to 6 different items at the same time. Therefore, choosing items with different characteristics will help you gain an advantage in situations at a later stage. In this multiplayer io game, all players will fight against each other in an uncompromising competition. Therefore, any mistake will get you in trouble and fail before the opponent quickly. The more opponents you destroy in this 3D shooter game, the higher your chances of leading the leaderboard will be and vice versa.

How To Play

Use the arrow key system or WASD to navigate the character moving in the game. Use the mouse to shoot, aim and change the character's focus. Change equipment and weapons through the number keys 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

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