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Alula 23 February 2021 Io Games 621
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About unblocked is a competitive one-button battle royale game taken in Medieval Times. You must get yourself ready for an epic bow battle against multiple competitors. You play as an archer who has to kill all of the enemies for Gold Crowns and XP. Try to aim at them then release to shoot them while you dodge their shots. If you take damage from them, you will not be able to win this competition, so make sure you always play it with smart strategies as well as good tactics to get an upper hand on your enemies. Keep your character upgraded through over time, earn a lot of rewards, purchase new gear as well as unlock customization mods to become stronger than ever. Your big objective in free game is to get the victory royale as well as reach the top place on the leaderboard. Jump into the battle and try to conquer it!

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Press the spacebar to aim and release it to shoot.

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