Call Of War: World War 2

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You play the role of a leader in an epic war brought to you by an io game called Call of War: World War 2 free online. The fans of Call of War series should explore this second installment with new challenges. It's all about building smart strategies and using your units to defeat the enemy wars for a chance of winning. You are provided with two types of powers, the Axis and the Allied. Select one then enter the arena to beat all enemies. As a leader, you have to decide a lot of aspects, including infantry placement, attack types, tank types, and armor. These aspects should be decided smartly because they have an impact on your victory. Besides these aspects, you have to focus on producing goods and trading them with other players. The goal is to get the highest supremacy and make yourself the best leader. Start the game in a browser for free then conquer it using your abilities! Have fun!

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