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Cellulus is a fun strategy io game similar to Agario style. The main aim of the new multiplayer match is to become the biggest character on the server. It is as same as the mission that you are required to do in the original. If you want to turn into the top player in Cellulus, you'd better gain the most mass. It will be increased after you eat. At the start, you are able to roam throughout the area and pick up food. Consume and you will realize a significant change for your body. Actually, your cell will grow large. Play Cellulus online you will have the chance to develop the ability to expel what you have into an orbit of pieces. They are useful to defend yourself and collect smaller rivals nearby easier. In Cellulus unblocked, you must stay away from spikey green bacteria because they will infect and divide you. Additionally, avoid aggressive opponents who are bigger than you or they can capture you in a wink. Good luck!