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Chute Board
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About Chute Board

Transform into a skateboarder in Chute Board 3D to face tough challenges right now. Are you ready to show off your skateboarding skills and overcome all levels in the game?

Controlling the skateboard and moving on the street is not an easy thing at all. This sport is only for those who love adventure, plus long-term practice to control skateboards proficiently. Chute Board unblocked will help you control the skateboard much simpler than it actually is. Moreover, the game screen also owns different terrain along with the appearance of a diverse obstacle system. You need to control your character well to get the highest score in each level. Besides, pay attention to collecting coins on the map to unlock or buy characters after each level.

The difficulty of each level in this HTML5 online game will increase continuously with the appearance of more and more obstacles. Therefore, you need to keep your concentration high when playing the game if you do not want to be far behind other competitors in this exciting race. Do not hit too many obstacles, this may cause the skateboard to be damaged and unable to continue moving.

Play Chute Board for free online, you can also unlock new characters and skateboards after each level. The stats of the skateboards will increase depending on the amount of money you need to spend to own it. In addition, the character system in the game is quite diverse with many different looks and decorations. Use the money you earn to unlock any character you like after each level. Remember that you can change the character continuously to feel the fun of playing the game.

How To Play Chute Board

Control the character to move through left or right mouse movement

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