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Let’s see how you will defeat enemies in unblocked – a mix and match between Minecraft and Fortnite. The game pits you against players around the world in a tough battle. You have two options to deal with them: either using the pickaxe to dig and hide into the ground or creating blocky stairs to get to high ground. You will pick your favorite one that fits your play style. If you choose to hide, make sure you change to the pickaxe using the numerical shortcut on the keyboard, aim then shoot the blocks around you, then dig a hole or a tunnel. You can hide in it. If option 2 is selected, you need to create stairs quickly and smoothly then climb at them at the same time. After reaching the high ground, change back to your sniper then shoot other enemies down for points and loots. Try your hardest to become the best player and survive all challenges in free game! Much fun with it!