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About Crazy

Crazy unblocked is an entertaining io game set in a huge universe where every player has to direct their own galaxy to compete against each other. The big task for you in Crazy free game is to eat other galaxies to gain size and rule the entire universe. You will fly through the arena hunting for the smaller galaxies, asteroids, and planetary bodies to devour. The more you eat, the bigger you will become, making your galaxies more powerful. Remember that the effects of an asteroid are not the same as the effects of a star. Keep eating and you will see how powerful you are as well as you will have a higher chance to trigger the big bang. Try not to let any enemies outwit you! Do your best to remain alive until you are the biggest and the craziest galaxy in the arena! Are you ready? Start your adventure in Crazy free now!

How To Play Crazy

Speed up your galaxy using the spacebar. Eat stars, asteroid, smaller planetary bodies and smaller galaxies to gain size.

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