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About CrazyBattle

CrazyBattle is a free multiplayer shooter iO game. Enter a 2D massive arena with lots of enemies from over the world and fight against each other. Players joining the match will be dropped into a distant island in which it is really easy to find a huge number of deadly explosive barrels. You’d better avoid these items or you will be killed when somebody nearby fires at them. Additionally, always evade dangerous situations if you have already appeared in CrazyBattle unblocked. About weapons and equipment, you can wield a knife, a revolver, a shotgun or a Tommy gun and so on. Do not forget that you can gear u yourself with a bandage, an armor, etc.!

Once you accept to engage in CrazyBattle online, you should cover your body by putting up walls. Try to mine trees to collect wood or other resources such as iron or stone! Aside from a house, you can build a car. Further, there are various classes to control from a hunter to a sniper and more. It’s time to pick out the favorite game mode to test your shooting ability and dominate the top spot!

How To Play CrazyBattle

Use WASD to walk around, Space to fast land, Left Mouse to hit, Shift to run, Z/X/C to pick the wall type you want, Right Mouse to put down walls, 1-5 to switch items, Enter to chat, E to interact

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