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About is one of the latest io games with a team-based element. Can you get through all wicked bosses and monsters? Play the game and find your answer now. You have to keep the heart in the center of the room safe from the attacks of monsters. They will show up every 30 seconds, followed by plenty of powerful bosses. You have to aim and shoot bullets, use the blade to slice them, shoot energy bombs to blow them up or even use strong spirits to get an upper hand on them. There are many ways and weapons for you to kill the monsters. When you accumulate kills, you can earn a lot of souls, then spend them on new items in the store or even get your HP improved. You should arm yourself with a lot of upgrades for more power and you will be able to get through tougher waves of monsters. Play unblocked for free now!

How To Play

Use arrow keys or WASD to move. Left click to shoot, use B to open the shop, use E to collect items, use G to drop items, and use K to sell items.

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