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Flappy Royale unblocked focuses on an epic race where birds from around the world race against each other. This is the multiplayer version of Flappy Bird game. You can try it out for free in your browser then see if you can get the victory royale. You will fly out of an airplane at the start of the race then you must quickly flap your wings to fly through many pipes that stand in your way. This bird world is not easy to conquer as these pipes keep coming up. You need to get through them for points. For each pipe you conquer, a point will be awarded to you. But, if you hit any pipe or fly down to the ground, you will meet your end and the race will be over. Watch out for other racers! You must surpass all of them and increase your score until you get to the top place on the leaderboard to become the best bird of all. Enjoy Flappy Royale game online!

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