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About online is a water-themed io game in which you have to collect gallons of water to beat all opponents from around the world. Collecting water is not a simple thing in game because it requires you to have water piping systems to pump and get water from ponds. Also, you have to increase the size and capacity of your piping network by crafting more pipes and pumps. As you play, you should keep your network safe from the enemy attacks because if you don’t, they will sabotage your network, which can cause your game to be over.

As you play, you need to connect pumps with the ponds using pipes and make sure you choose a good place to set your base pump because you will not move it once you have placed it.  Your base needs to have better defense so try your best to protect it during the game. You can unlock achievements, including bigger pipes, stronger weapons, placeable defense objects, and water processors. The water processors will be used for heating, filtering, and purifying the water that grows the flow rate of your pipes. Always prepare plans and strategies because your ponds will be used up over time. You need to have good tactics as well to get an edge over your opponents and defeat them easily before they ruin your water system. The goal here is to become the best player in unblocked! Have fun with it!

How To Play

Move your character using WASD, look around using the mouse, use the left mouse to place objects and attack enemies, rotate objects using the right mouse, use the mouse wheel scroll or HUD or number keys 1-9 to change the tools, Enter to chat, L to lock objects and Insert to show ping.

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