About Gunfu

GunFu unblocked is one of the best shooter io games that turns players into aggressive shooters. You will step into a big arena where you must kill all of your enemies within one session without getting yourself shot. You begin doing that by using some weapons and quickly deal damage to the enemies until you eliminate them from the arena. As you accumulate kills, you will get access to new advanced weapons as well as increase your killstreak progress. There are many weapons you can unlock, such as a shotgun, a sniper rifle, heavy machinery and so forth. Although you can use those advanced weapons, you still have to protect yourself from the onslaught of bullets from enemies. They can kill you with their weapons, and every time you die, you will be respawned to level 0. At each level, you can use a different set of weapons. Choose then use them smartly to secure your kills! You aim to conquer all levels and become the best player in GunFu shooting game.

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