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About HiveSweeper

HiveSweeper is a new classic MMO strategy new iO game where you will not able to search for any ally to create a team. You have to compete against all of the enemies by yourself. To take over the top spot and become the winner, you’d better claim as many tiles as possible. Watch out! There are two types of block in HiveSweeper free online. For the safe items, it is pretty easy to occupy. However, you can get troubles with traps or even you can be eliminated if you don’t know how to interact with them. Besides, you will lose when you run out of materials. It may be a hard puzzle that can challenge your thinking ability. Play HiveSweeper unblocked you should observe the number that they carry. It will show you the way to loot what you expect. Besides, the flags are useful to mark suspicious objects. Try to survive, score, and expand your hive!

How To Play HiveSweeper

Use the mouse cursor to direct, Left Mouse to choose safe tiles, Right Mouse to claim trap areas, click and drag to observe the hive

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