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Dermot 13 January 2022 Io Games 591
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About unblocked is a never-ending competition between players from all over the world. Take control of your character to the finish line first to complete the test.

The main character in this game is a small pea, he is participating in an endless running competition with his friends. Play online, you will have to help the main character to the finish line first with his skillful control. There are many obstacles in the way in each level, dodge them before it is too late. Moreover, you also have to avoid letting your character fall into the endless space.

Although there are many people participating in the running contest in the free game, there is only one person who wins in the end. The slowest players in each level will be eliminated until a winner is found. Therefore, competition is an indispensable element in this game, do not miss any moment or opportunity to surpass your opponent. This is a multiplayer battle royale game worth playing. It has a simple gameplay but will make players face a lot of challenges.

Besides, this game offers a series of different levels that allow players to freely explore. You will first come to Takehi’s Castle, It’s a Knockout, Wipeout, or Ninja Warrior in order to complete the level. Each location will bring different obstacles and challenges. But in general, you still have to control your character to move forward to reach the finish line first. If you don’t like the previous io games, LOLBeans io will be the right choice for you at the moment. This game is full of emotions that promise to bring you great experiences.

How To Play

Control pea character with WASD buttons, use Space or Right mouse button to jump

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