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Connect to one of the new RPG iO games and play with a lot of people from around the world on the same map. It is inspired by the Diablo series and started in a dark dungeon. In which, you will control a hero that you have customized. Everybody including you will begin the adventure at a castle. It is the safest location in unblocked to meet up with friends, form a team, restore your health, buy upgrades, or sell items. To delve deeper into other rooms, you need to enter the door for the next level after crawling and fighting against monsters. Don't let any scary creature to approach or attack you first! Attempt to remove them and your experience points will be increased. That score is important to help you progress. Play free online you should search for chests and loot objects they contain. It's time to pick out the class you like most and conquer the top spot! Good luck!