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MineRoyale.io is a 2D top-down view game with great Minecraft style graphics and gameplay. Get your mining ability ready for the in-game challenges then see if you can conquer them all. You will have to wander around the map to hunt for resources and mine them all. The more resources you collect, the more tools you can collect. Watch out for the enemies because they are also trying to get resources just like you, making the competition much tougher. You have to use your crafted weapons to defeat all enemies before taking damage from them. Also, you must watch out for the zone that keeps shrinking in size. If you are caught inside of it, you will be damaged, causing the game to be over. Make sure you always have strategies to deal with sticky situations. Remember that surviving is the most important thing in MineRoyale.io free. Can you survive until the end of the battle to become the winner? Play it now!