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Dermot 27 January 2022 Io Games 684
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Lead your army of fish in the ocean to dominate all creatures. will be the place for you to show your leadership talent through the many challenges that await.

In the first experience, we mistakenly thought that the gameplay of unblocked would be similar to the traditional big fish eat small fish game. But no, this game exploits the topic of a different aspect than the appearance of a mighty fish army. Just like how io games work, you will start the game from a small fish with the goal of developing your own fish army. At first, the fish was quite lonely and weak and had to live off the marine environment with small creatures. Your task in ocean io is to help your fish collect and eat things that are floating around to grow gradually.

The appearance of large schools of fish is something that you should avoid when play Online if you do not want to lose immediately. If you have enjoyed other angler fish io games today. This game will give you a closer and more general view. Let’s start with the smallest things, gradually the size of the fish army will grow. And this is also the time when you look for other groups of fish in the ocean. Should choose the prey with the size or number of fish less than yourself to ensure the absolute winning rate. Overall, ocean io is one of the most interesting and worth playing fish io games at the moment. Although possessing extremely simple gameplay, it is addictive by many different factors. Keep moving, keep accumulating and success will come to you soon, at least in this amazing io game.

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Control your fish with the mouse Hold down the left mouse button to signal the small fish to attack the opponent

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