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About free online brings a wide array of mini-games for you to play. You will compete against many friends in those mini-games and try to defeat them all using your excellent abilities. Each game will have 4 players fight against each other. There will be a different objective in every game too. Make use of your bonuses as well as the strong sides of your character to beat your opponents to become the winner. If you win a lot of games, you will earn a lot of coins and trophies for yourself. Make sure you finish off all other players before they have a chance to beat you. Everybody aims to become the ultimate winner of game, making the game itself much more challenging. This is going to be a great chance for you to hone your skills. So, let’s take it now and have fun with it.

How To Play

Use arrow keys to move, press the spacebar to do your action. Or you can play the game with the joystick.

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