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Show your correct judgment in to defeat your opponent in a certain number of turns. This is a stealth game where two players must destroy each other to win.

The gameplay of unblocked revolves around the stealthy turn-based moves of both players. Join the game, you will control a stealth assassin with the task of destroying the enemy as soon as possible. Conversely, the opponent will also find a way to destroy you, and both will find each other after a few moves.

Sometimes you hunt for an opponent but there is a risk of being hunted by the opponent so be careful. On the screen will display a certain number of power-ups to help two players find each other quickly. Typically, when moving into the magic eye box, you will see the enemy’s position immediately.

Believe me, the enemy is near the location of the magic eye icon. When you touch this icon, he will see you and attack you immediately if within attack range. Like other io games online, the competition in this game is very high, just one small mistake will make you lose.

There is a choice of game modes that appear before the start of the intense matches in this game. You can choose PvP mode if you want to fight enemies or PvE mode for machine training and more. Besides, the safety circle will also appear like in other survival games to bring players closer together.

Play online, you will have the opportunity to develop your strategic elements and calculation ability. You just need to choose Move or Pounce to help the main character interact as you like. Sometimes you need to make bold decisions to defeat your opponent, although this is quite dangerous.

How To Play

Use your mouse to interact with Move and Pounce

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