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About Real

Realistic graphics will be shown in Real unblocked, where you will compete with many opponents. Don’t miss any chance to become a leading snake in this game.

Explore highly competitive snake hunts in this io multiplayer game that won’t let you down. Your task is very simple, that is to control your snake well to possess great size. Eating colorful circles on the screen is the most available way to increase the size.

Before starting, this game allows players to choose the right map size to play. There are three map sizes in the game that you can choose from Small, Medium and Large. Small for example will give you more competitive battles than the other two sizes. Because the area where the battle takes place will be smaller, the clashes will continue.

In this game, you will have to confront other snakes on the map. They are all controlled by good players all over the world, so just losing focus will make you lose. You need to take advantage of every opportunity you have to grow to snake size and defeat them as soon as possible.

Play Real Snakes free online, you can still customize your snake’s skin. After each match, you should alternate skin changes to make things interesting in the next battles. Choosing a snake with a fancy color will help you stand out in battles and frighten your opponents.

Overall, Real is a classic snake game with io elements. You need to fight with other opponents around the world and try to get high on the leaderboard. Everyone wants to beat you, don’t let that happen if you want to become the best snake handler in the game.

How To Play Real

Use the mouse to navigate the snake and hold down the left mouse button to accelerate

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