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Shell shockers
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About Shell shockers online gives you a chance to show your shooting skills. You are not a common gunslinger but a hostile egg killer in Shell Shockers unblocked. The mission for you is to kill all other enemy eggs using your selected weapon. You can pick your favorite egg class before stepping into the arena, such as a scrambler, eggsploder, free ranger, whipper, crackshot, and soldier. Each of them is equipped with special abilities and has its own characteristics. You have to make sure you dish out damage to all enemies around you while avoiding their attacks. You can outplay them using your smart strategies with nice tactics. This also helps you survive the dangers. The main goal for you in Shell Shocks io online is to become the best egg killer in the arena. The game also features great game modes to play: free for all, teams, and capture the spatula. Will you beat enemies for your victory? Have fun!

How To Play Shell shockers

Use WASD for the movement, shoot with the left mouse button, use E to change a weapon, Q to throw a grenade, R to reload, spacebar to jump, zoom and aim using Shift.

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