2019-11-22 898 Plays 0% comment(s) is truly an amazing game that all the fans of io games should not skip. It features both and Minecraft elements, bringing you much more awesome challenges to play. In unblocked, you are a little snake moving around a huge map to collect Minecraft blocks. Keep in mind that you are too small to fight against other rivals, hence, gathering blocks is an important thing to do because that's how you can build your size. You should aim at the diamond block to get the maximum number of points. Everything will be easier once you have reached a big size. You will have enough strength to defeat the enemies or even get an upper hand on them. To kill them, quickly throw explosives to them before they run away from you. Speed up your snake to catch them all, but this can cost some of your lengths, so use it wisely. Your goal in game is to become the strongest snake on the server.